About the Book

Miranda is a bright woman with a government job and a lawyer husband. She envies her fraternal twin sister, Jessica, a sportswriter who has sacrificed a conventional life to establish a magazine. Jessica gains renown for an article about baseball star Manny Chavez’s journey back to his native Cuba to rescue his abducted son. She and Manny get engaged, but their “perfect” life soon blows apart.

4 thoughts on “About the Book

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble reading and navigating the blog. It was set up by my self-publishing company, and I have never acquired the technical skill needed to improve its look. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  1. Hullo there, thanks for stopping by my blog/website just now. I agree with Barbara’s comment above. It is really essential to have a more user-friendly website. Anyone using a small screen (like I do) can’t read and enjoy your stuff. Your site needs to be elegant and simple but you need to be able to keep control of it yourself and do your own modifications. Have you looked at Wix? It’s a super-simple DIY website builder. Even people with minimal experience can make something decent out of it. Or you can hire someone such as at Fiverr to help you put it together. DIY websites are the way to go. Don’t let some professional talk you into losing control of your own public interface. Look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Hi, Annette. I appreciate the advice. I’m not very technically savvy, as you’ve no doubt noticed. I’ve looked into improving the format of my wordpress blog, but I gather I’m pretty much stuck with my original format unless I pay for an upgrade. At any rate, I hope you won’t be totally prevented from reading it. Thanks for visiting.

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