23 thoughts on “When A Good Person Writes A Bad Book

  1. Are you open to the possibility that some self-published authors actually care MORE about what goes out with their name on it than someone who has a book published by the traditional process? And that the reason is creative control – of every word, comma, and selection in italics?

    It takes a lot of time and effort to get to that place, but I believe it’s part of the fun. And I believe the results support it – for those who care.

  2. Social media leads to appeals by self published authors to read their books but some still do not seem to use editors. I hesitate to review them, especially when their friends and family have given them five stars on amazon.

  3. I’m there. Wrote my first book solo everything. After the fact the effort was commended by a professional editor though the book did have a major weakness that structural editing would have corrected. The rub is that I couldn’t afford it. It was publish or perish for that book. I’m writing my second in the same situation, almost. This time, I have the benefit of my first error and hope to use this new knowledge to advantage. I still can’t pay for the services, editing and marketing, that I need so I’m forced to be creative with that. Would appreciate any ideas on organizing a collective to edit and market.

    1. Is there any possibility of joining a critique group that meets regularly? Mine has been going on for twenty years. The core members met each other at a writing seminar at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Courses like that do cost money, but it might be worth the investment for the connections you could make.

  4. Great post and I can really relate. Affordability has been a problem with my writing but despite that I am hoping the things you talk about, I thought about. It is more than writing about actions/events. You have to consider consequences and follow-ups or the credibility is lost.
    Reading this I can only hope I am given the chance to be able to do more.

  5. Hi, I wanted to say the post is one I also can relate to. I had some technical difficulties and my original comments didn’t appear but just in case I wrote the above note. This is a very good and timely post.
    Affordability was a major issue for me however I have tried to ensure there is thought behind what I wrote so readers can connect. It needs to make sense, to have a follow through with the actions and events. As I said in the comment that disappeared, I hope I can be around to long enough to improve.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I am seeing your comments now. I certainly share your hope that we’re all around long enough to learn from our mistakes and do a better job with each new project.

  6. I gave up trading reviews after three tries. Heavy persistence, and poorly written, quickly cobbled together, from each trader left me with a yucky feeling. Then Amazon kicked in with their scorched-earth review cull policy. To me, legit, cold reviews are the only way to go. So I stopped waiting for them, and went ahead with the ‘just keep writing’ edict.

  7. Thanks for ‘liking’ my latest post. Would have loved to have tweeted this post of yours bu there doesn’t seem to be a twitter sharing button. Also, s it possible for you to change the layout (at least as viewed in Windows on a PC). The post is in tiny type way over on the left of the screen with lots of burgundy colored blankness occupying about 2/3 of the space.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I’m sorry to be so technically inept. I don’t know how to change the layout, other than to enlarge the type using the windows tool function. I’ll see if I can look into it. Thanks for persevering and reading anyway!

  8. An interesting post with lots of good points and truths. I’ve never traded reviews, and wouldn’t want to. It’s a personal thing. I find it very hard to analyse and explain what’s good or bad about a book, so I avoid reviewing – other than maybe to say ‘I loved it – a great read’ etc. (I’m talking about reviews on books I’ve bought from Amazon).
    With regard to the books I’ve written, once I’ve finished the book and I myself am completely happy with it I wouldn’t want it reviewed because I wouldn’t be prepared to make major changes to it. It has to sink or swim! It’s kind of like freeing the bird from the cage, once it’s published it’s flying free!

    Many thanks for the follow on my Writer in the Woods blog. I’ve actually just started an author blog if you’re interested. I was looking to connect with other authors.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I will check out your author blog. I’m like you in that once I’ve done the best I can with my novels, and have had them edited by outside readers, I don’t really look back. I do read the reviews, whether good or bad, but I chalk up the harsh ones to the impossibility of pleasing everyone.

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