Do-It-Yourself Movies?

I bought my way into the publishing industry. I self-published three novels and paid a pretty penny for editing, covers, ISBNs, marketing, and all the other necessities. My next, far more improbable goal, is to see these stories made into movies. I wonder: is it possible to self-produce a movie if you’re not cinematically talented? Can you throw money at this problem, or do you need connections and know-how?

I’ve already begun this process by paying to have my books converted to screenplays by real screenwriters. If I should get serious about submitting those to various markets, I’ll start collecting rejections again, something I had hoped to be done with forever. However, there are film production companies that work with self-publishers, such as the vibrant Witness Pictures that partners with iUniverse. The company makes professional-looking book trailers that resemble real movie trailers, using actors and filmmakers whose talents are evident.  So far I’ve seen synopses of two of my stories come alive in this way. Maybe one of these days, the entire vision from start to finish can be realized.

I suspect the only thing harder than publishing a book traditionally these days is cracking the film industry without connections. Is it even possible to finance a full-length feature film at reasonable cost, or is that billionaire territory? What if a group of amateurs like me invested in a company that pooled our resources to give each project a shot? Sounds like an impossible dream, but who knows? It wasn’t so long ago that publishing a book was an “impossible dream” for most of us.