Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture

Okay, to be perfectly honest, Let’s Play Ball has yet to become a Major Motion Picture. But I was curious to see what it might look like if and when it did hit the silver screen. So I splurged to have a Hollywood Book Trailer made. It features a montage of scenes from the novel and a voiceover description of the high points.  It’s a substantial cut above the relatively simple book trailers I already have on YouTube for my three novels, as those are limited to still shots and captions. I wanted to see my characters come to life, and for a minute or so, they did.

It’s a real kick to see your story dramatized. The actresses who play the fraternal twin sisters in my story are beautiful young women. The actors portraying both the kidnap victim and one of his alleged kidnappers are handsome guys, athletic looking enough to be the ballplayers they’re supposed to be. What’s more, the entire “cast” features good actors and good acting. The scenes require them to show glee, sorrow, fear, hatred—the whole gamut.

Not surprisingly, the trailer is more action-packed than the book. My story does indeed feature a kidnapping at the beginning and a hostage scene near the end. In between, the violence abates as the relationships between the characters come into focus. The big-picture political ramifications of what has taken place are paramount. The trailer doesn’t lie: the book has both action and hot sex, just not on every page. The voiceover is delivered in a solemn male voice suitable for describing the most suspenseful story of the year. All in all, an expensive but fun project. The results can be found at