We Ought to be in Pictures

Marketing self-published novels is no picnic, but book trailers are fun. I got a kick out of having my three chicklit/social satire novels reduced to a minute of video, and getting the resulting cinematic visions on Youtube. These days, with the growing popularity of book trailers, we all have a chance to entertain at least fleeting fantasies that our stories, expanded to two hours, would pull in crowds at the box office. Or maybe one day, when books are completely out of style, we’ll all go directly to video. At least we can count on Hollywood always needing new product, even if book publishers don’t.       


Let’s Play Ball


Secretarial Wars


The Rock Star’s Homecoming


2 thoughts on “We Ought to be in Pictures

  1. Impressive – and what fun. Did you get to pick the actors, the ‘look’ of your characters?

    I’m more of the DIY persuasion, but producing something like this is way beyond my capabilities (my stretch goal is to narrate the ‘as read by author’ version of the audiobook).

    I know a bit, from reading and from the research I did for Pride’s Children, about the costs of producing movies (which is what this is, a very short movie), and this looks very expensive.

    Do you have any feedback on how effective these trailers have been for your sales? Not everything gets measured in sales, but I won’t repeat the magazine ad which cost a lot – and produced either 0 or 1 sales. It was a once-in-a-lifetime possibility, I thought, and did NOT pan out.

    1. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t know how effective it was in terms of sales. Amazon Studios only provided the number of hits that the storyboards received on its site. It really wasn’t difficult at all, as there were detailed guidelines provided. It required downloading the script in Rich Text Format, then separating the script into up to 100 panels, then working out each scene. The site provided a number of choices for how certain characters would look, what they were wearing, what they were doing, props they were using, etc. Unfortunately, Amazon Studios shut down its storyboard function a couple of years ago, but the storyboards are still available on its site.

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