An Excerpt from “Let’s Play Ball”

In Let’s Play Ball, I’m attempting a fairly unique blend of chicklit, sports, politics, and crime mystery. The first two paragraphs hit these points:

“Here’s the story of how I got mixed up in a major crime and became a well-known heroine, when I could have been branded an outcast. I never dreamed I was the type to embroil myself in a police investigation, especially one with the potential to affect both national and international affairs and almost get me killed. But it turned out I was. The melodrama began to unfold at a baseball game–fittingly, because the sport has always been our family pastime.

My parents, my fraternal twin sister, my husband, and I were privileged to watch this crucial, sold-out game from one of the owner’s boxes. It was practically the greatest experience of my life–or at least, it should have been. I sensed right away that this was a political setting, where private battles could become mingled with world events.”